Road Trip!


In about a week, Mark & I are taking a road trip to Colorado!  The main purpose of the trip is to go to the Tumbleweed ‘factory’ in Colorado Springs.  They have two models there for touring, one is the Mica – which is the rectangular ‘box’ in the photo on the left – which I’m very excited to look at since it’s one level.  The other is the Cypress (photo on the right), which is the model we’re thinking of.  Plus, we’ll get to talk with the people there and ask them 14 billion questions.  Seriously.  I have a list.

There are basically three ways of purchasing a Tumbleweed home – you can either buy it completely done, or you can buy the plans (and the trailer if you want) and do it completely yourself.  The third option is what they refer to as a Barn Raiser where quite a bit has been done for you, and you finish it yourself.

We’re leaning towards the latter – partly because it’s a lot cheaper (although then you are talking your labor) and because I LOVE the idea of being able to say, and think, and feel – I helped build my HOUSE!  To know it that intimately I think is super special.  Oh, and if you’re wondering if I know how to build a house – no clue. But, as Ella, the fabulous presentor at the Tumbleweed conference said of herself – ‘I made a dress once.  I figured I could build a house’.  I haven’t made a dress (though I did make a 7 legged octopus not long ago – that wasn’t intentional – I forgot one of his legs), but I have made baklava.

If we do the Barn Raiser route, then we will have to find a place to be able to put it to finish working on it.  (Any one have a back yard they’re willing to offer in the Portland area? Or know of a warehouse type setting where we could rent some room?)

The other really fabulous part about this road trip, is we’re getting to see (and stay with!) some awesome friends.  AND I’ve heard that Colorado has some great beer.  Yay!  I love road trips!  The only thing I don’t like about them is that I miss the cats so much.  So, just think – when we do our MAJOR road trip we’ll have the cats WITH us!  Such an exciting (and scary) journey!

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8 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Kris

    I’m leaning toward the Cypress but you have a point about the one story. Driving and trailering the Cypress may get challenging. Love you.


  2. Debby

    Have a good trip and hope you learn a lot to help you make the best decision. I have been looking at these little homes for many years, before Kanab actually. Excited for you both.


  3. Tamyra

    Looking forward to seeing you at Lisa and Stan’s. Safe travels and I can’t wait to hear more about these homes.


  4. Ronnie

    Yay! So looking forward to seeing you!!!


  5. Nancy Cowan

    We still have our cabin in ZigZag, OR. You have to bring drinking water but you’d have a place to crash and some space.


  6. Jeri Connell

    So fun that you have all those choices to make. I just love choices and selections – ha! Have to admit that I’m really curious to see a picture of Mark standing up inside one of these houses. Still trying to wrap my brain around that You have to understand that I’ve never seen one of these houses – or even heard of them for that matter; they’re absolutely adorable though. Look forward to each blog for your updates!


  7. Andrea & Mike

    Do they let you sleep in one for a night? That would be interesting. We do have a friend in Vancouver with a yard but his driveway is way too steep – you’d never get the house out of there! We’ll ask him if he knows someone. Have fun in Colorado – they do have nice microbreweries!


  8. mpeaches

    I don’t think they let you sleep overnight – but – there is a Tiny House Hotel in Portland with 5 or 6 Tiny Houses that are rented out. And there are a fair number of Tiny Houses on VRBO and AirBnB. 🙂


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