And We’re Back!

I have a LOT of catching up to do with the blog!  I have photos of the seminar in Las Vegas to share, and photos of the Tiny Houses we saw at Tumbleweed in Colorado Springs, and of course, some assorted animals and quirky stuff.

We had SUCH a spectacular trip!  We were gone for 5 nights, and 4 of those we stayed with different friends and their furkids.  First night we were in Grand Junction, the next was near Denver, then Castle Rock, then Colorado Springs itself, and one night on our own, in Durango.

It was my first time in Colorado, and what a gorgeous state!  At least all the parts I saw!  And SUCH a delicious state!  Although, I have to admit, I’m BEYOND jealous at the number of micro-breweries.  They were as ubiquitous as Thai food in Portland, OR.  And I wanted to try them ALL.  Which didn’t happen, but we did try several, and they were all stellar.

The trip started out perfectly – with breakfast at a restaurant I have wanted to go to for YEARS – Hells Backbone Grill.  Located in Boulder, UT, and run by two extraordinary women – Jen & Blake (the co-owners and co-chefs).  I was lucky enough to have had their cooking several times, when they catered different events at Best Friends Animal Society, when I was working there.  And for one of our anniversaries, my husband got me their cookbook – A Measure of Grace.  I am, as most of you know, a major foodie, and I read the cookbook cover to cover.  Three times.  In all seriousness – even if you do not LIKE FOOD – get the book.  It’s as much about being happy, and LIVING life, as it is about food.  A Measure of Grace was published 11 years ago, and they were SUPPOSED to have another book out this year, but I noticed on the postcards advertising it that 2015 was changed to 2016.  Anticipation……..

So – breakfast was amazing.  I had the blue corn pancakes with cinnamon butter on the side (Mark is allergic to cinnamon – nothing epi-pen worthy – but icky results), and a side of bacon, and Mark had the JenChiladas which was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten.  Seriously. It was one of  those dishes that the flavors are so layered that each bite stuns you into blissful oblivion.  Super flavorful but not overwhelmingly spicy, with potatoes, and eggs, and cheese and HOMEMADE tortillas and I don’t even know what else except a lot of love.  Oh, and their coffee rocked too.  It was a magnificent start to a great trip.

I realize about now, that I need to clarify what this blog is going to be.  If you’re wanting to know how to build a Tiny House, and you need to know it NOW, well, there are better blogs out there.  This is about me, and Mark (and I will be doing full on intro’s of both of us, in case someone is reading this and DOESN’T know who we are!) and our cats, and food, and the odd and the quirky and the beautiful.  Things I find funny or thoughtful.  Marks photography. And of course, a LOT about Tiny Houses.  And once we HAVE the Tiny House and are living in it – it will be about our trip!  But wait, that’s coming.

And – I will try to remember to give photo credit where photo credit is due – this photo was made by my amazingly talented husband – Mark Morgan.

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6 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. Pollie

    And so the journey begins! The last journey you took us on was amazing but I think this one will be a lot more pure fun. Can’t wait to get started!!!


  2. Andrea & Mike

    Now you made me all thirsty talking about microbreweries…Mike lived in Colorado Springs when he was a few months old. And it seems one can’t get a bad cup of coffee anywhere in Colorado. Hope you’ll get back there one day – with your own tiny home in tow!


  3. Kay Sullivan

    Really looking forward to reading about your adventures in Tiny Housing!


  4. Jeri Connell

    I want some JenChiladas!!! I actually went to their web site to see if you were making that up – lol! Happy to hear you had such a great time. Look forward to hearing more.


  5. mpeaches

    Oh Jeri – you KINOW I never joke about food! 🙂


  6. Larry

    This will be an interesting story to follow.


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