Catch Up and Future Thoughts

(The photo was made by Mark Morgan on our trip back from Colorado – the rock formation is Shiprock, but Mark titled it Castle.  Isn’t if FABULOUS?)

We’ve had so many people asking what our plans are once we GET the Tiny House, and WHERE we’re getting it, and and and  – that this is a catch you all up post.

The thoughts for the future are – (I hesitate to say Plans, because Life likes to MOCKINGLY LAUGH at Plans in my humble opinion) so the thoughts are – once we sell our house here, we’ll move up to Portland and rent a studio or one bedroom place.  We’ll order the Tiny House (takes 12 weeks from order to delivery, roughly).  We’ll sell our Nissan and our Honda if we haven’t sold them before, and buy a B.A.T.  We’ll sell all the rest of the stuff we aren’t going to be keeping either on Craigs List or Ebay (although ideally we’ll have sold most of it before we move up there).

Now, one of the many things we don’t know yet is if we’re a) going to buy the Tiny House completely done or b) do what they call a barn-raiser – which is where a certain portion of the Tiny House is done, and you finish doing it.  It’s a lot cheaper that way, but then you’re talking labour, and a learning curve, and needing to have a place to work on it, etc.  So, we’re not sure yet.  For some of you a major thought would be – have you BUILT a house before?  And the answer is – No.  But neither have the majority of people who build their own Tiny Houses.  As Ella (spectacular co-presentor at the seminar) said – I’d never built a house before, but hey, I made a dress once!  So there we are.  🙂

Once the Tiny House is done either by Tumbleweed or by us, we will pack it, take the cats for a test spin, and then take off on a more-or-less year long road trip through the U.S.

After that, the thoughts are – land in or near Portland, on a bit of land that has a garage or a shop, where we can continue to do the Upcycling of Unwanted and Sad Furniture into fabulously New and Desirable Cat Furniture for people to line up around the block in their desire to give us lots of money to Buy.

The ULTIMATE thought, is to eventually have a place that would be part Art Gallery/part Consignment Store/part upscale Thrift Store (benefitting House of Dreams, of course!) and a cat or two up for adoption.

And yes, the thought is that we would continue to live in the Tiny House.

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4 thoughts on “Catch Up and Future Thoughts

  1. Mike And Chris Fairman

    GREEN with envy!


  2. Jeri Connell

    Love the Shiprock (aka Castle) photo! If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was taken along a rocky coastline. Have no idea what a B.A.T. is – although I can sort of guess from the context. You may need to start a glossary to accompany your blog – lol. Love that your plans are flexible – the future is full of possibility!


  3. mpeaches

    B.A.T. = Big Ass Truck!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jeri Connell

    Funny – I was trying to come up with what the truck equivalent of BOB (back of bike) might be. That never crossed my mind – HAHA!


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