Finally Getting to the Las Vegas Seminar!


The photo is of the Elm model Tiny House by Tumbleweed.  This one is a 24′ model at the Gold Spike Casino – we got to go in at the end of the first day of the seminar – more on that in a bit.

So back up to the end of last year, beginning of this year.  Mark & I were toying with the idea of downsizing – I was interested in diving into the deep end – I was thinking Yep – Tiny House.  Mark was thinking more – smaller house.  Tumbleweed designs a lot of different types of houses – not just Tiny Houses on Trailers, and Mark was thinking more of a 700 square foot cottage.

Hm.  One person is thinking 180 square feet, one is thinking 700.  That’s a hard one to compromise on.  So when I saw the Tumbleweed Tiny Home Seminar advertised – and it was going to be in Las Vegas (FABULOUS food city!) a bit before my birthday – it seemed perfect.   Maybe with some more knowledge, we’d be able to make a future decision on something we BOTH wanted.

The seminar was FABULOUS – there were two presentors, Ella & Guillaume.  Ella (for those of you Best Frienders who know Bobbie Foster – Ella not only LOOKS like her, but they could be twins in terms of mannerisms, speech patterns, WAY of speaking, and choices of words.  Ella did NOT have Bobbie’s laugh, however :).  When Ella said at one point – ‘we’re going to be discussing composting toilets after lunch and how DELIGHTFUL they are!’  I could TOTALLY hear Bobbie saying it just that way) was a wonderful presentor – as was Guillaume.  The seminar is set up on the theory that you’re going to build your Tiny House yourself, and that you’ve pretty much never built anything before.  So, it’s from the trailer up.  Ella had gone to a Tiny House seminar with her father, and then decided to build it herself, with his help.  One of my most favorite things she had to say was – I’d never built anything before, but I’d made a dress once!

There were quite a few times during the seminar when I felt TOTALLY over my head – but I seemed to catch up or catch on after a little while – it was just A LOT of material.  (And don’t worry, we SHALL be discussing composting toilets at a later date!)

The Gold Spike Casino in Las Vegas owns the Tiny House pictured, along with a very beautiful AirStream, and it was arranged that after the conclusion of the first day, any one who wanted could meet at the Gold Spike, and take a look at the Tiny House, and ask Guillaume and Jenna (his partner) and Ella more questions.  I was pretty excited about this, as I’d never actually BEEN IN a Tiny House – so Mark got us there and even found free parking.  🙂  (Mark is not only a FABULOUS photographer, he is an amazing driver and navigator).

From the outside it’s gorgeous – I love the roofline, and the colors they chose.  So, with a lot of excitement, I went inside.


Oh dear.

This is what I’d been putting my thoughts, my energy, our money for the seminar towards – did I really not like it?

So, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath (I knew I was tired and hungry, not a great combo for being clear headed and open minded for me) and opened my eyes and looked around and


I hated EVERYTHING about it.

I hated the way it was laid out.

The ladder.

It felt claustrophobic and cramped and there was no way on the planet that I could live in one of these WITH Mark AND the four cats.

I felt like bursting into tears – I was SO disappointed.  It was almost as bad (maybe worse) than the time I finally got to try Turkish Delight and decided it was one of the most vile things I had EVER put in my mouth.  (If you aren’t a Chronicles of Narnia fan you’re not going to get that reference, sorry).

But – devastated and disappointed though I was, I didn’t say any of that out loud.  Instead I grilled poor Jenna about theirs (which we were going to be able to see the next day) and their travels, and and and (there were a LOT of questions about the toilet).

And then we left and went out to eat.  We went to Mint – which is quite possibly one of, if not THE best Indian food restaurant I’ve ever been to.  And I ate and drank and thought – tomorrow is another day.

The day ended on a very ironic note.  Mark & I do not have TV hookup because I get addicted.  (We have Roku).  Thus, when we stay in hotels, I go into a MARATHON HGTV watching frenzy (sometimes the Food Channel too).  I love all the house hunting shows, and the flipping houses shows – and that night I was watching House Hunters International.  I don’t remember what country we were in, but I do remember the couple looking for a house were from Texas.  And it was JUST the two of them.  TWO PEOPLE.  ONE COUPLE.

And the house they decided on buying was 15,000 square feet.


Nearly ONE HUNDRED times the size of the house I was thinking of moving into.

Now – please don’t misunderstand me.  I don’t have an objection to any one buying a house of that size, if that is TRULY what they want and desire.  My issues stem back to – is it REALLY what you want?  Or is it what you THINK YOU SHOULD want because you CAN afford it?  I think a lot of times people just get caught up in doing what they feel they should, or what society says is the ‘norm’.  I do NOT think everyone should live in Tiny Houses – I know they’re extreme and not for all and sundry.  But I have to say I think 15,000 square feet for two people (their son might visit) is a bit excessive.

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3 thoughts on “Finally Getting to the Las Vegas Seminar!

  1. Ronnie

    Composting toilets, yay!!!


  2. Jeri Connell

    Look forward to hearing about your change of heart. A different model, I expect. But I’ll wait for that installment.


  3. Beverly Beck

    I think you need a tall house more than a tiny house. I wish you the best finding a tiny domicile that will suit you, Mark, and the furry kids. Please remember: the novelty of a cute, bitty house might wear off quickly if it’s not at least “very good” from the start.

    With love always, and little green feathers.


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