2nd Day – 2nd Tiny House – Thank Heavens!

Sorry I didn’t do the Las Vegas Seminar Day Two very quickly – we’ve been helping a dear friend do sub-q fluids on 4 5-week old kittens that she’s fostering – and for some reason I really like to post my blogs around 6 in the evening, and that’s when we’re torturing the kittens.


So, Day One of the Tumbleweed Seminar was really good albeit overwhelming, and then kind of ended on not the greatest of notes for me – with my not liking the Tiny House at the Gold Spike Casino AT ALL.  But, I’m fairly Pollyanna-ish, and I knew we’d be seeing Guillaume & Jenna’s Tiny House the next day.  So, paws were crossed.

The photo is of their Tiny House, attached to their B.A.T. (Big Ass Truck).  From the moment I saw theirs, I was in love.  The outside is stunning – they repurposed old barn lumber for the outside of theirs – which added a fair amount of weight – but made it spectacular and unique and INVITING in appearance.

And then I went inside.


I’ll be showing more photos, not to worry – but it was SO welcoming, and comfortable, and felt spacious/cozy, and I could happily have kicked them out and moved in right then.  Plus, it was reassuring size-wise, because Mark could stand up UNDER the loft, with a whole INCH of spare headroom!  They had a crazy staircase made of wooden crates (added storage!), so I could go up into their loft.  Plus, they had the dormers AND a sky-light – so it felt so open and inviting and roomy!

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have SUCH a positive response to their Tiny House – I was SO excited and happy and couldn’t wait to get started!

There were two items in their Tiny House that really helped me to make a couple of decisions as well.  One we’ll talk about in MUCH more detail – the composting toilet.

Going into the weekend seminar – I was NOT in favor.  I like going to the restroom and flushing and things just go away.  But (heehee) I have to say that the idea of an RV style toilet with a blackwater tank – and having to attach hoses and suck it out and dispose of it – THAT really horrified me.  Ella PROMISED us in the seminar that composting toilets were DELIGHTFUL and did NOT SMELL- and I can tell you – cross my heart and hope to die – that there was NO odour at all in Guillaume & Jennas Tiny House.  Plus, when I really did start thinking about the fact that we use clean, potable water to flush our waste – and knowing what a drought is hitting the West Coast, well, I was a convert by the weekend end.  We will be going into more detail on composting toilets later.  (Wheeee!)

thgj_20150308_3266_lrThe second item that Guillaume & Jenna had – oh my goodness – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I covet it – is the cutest little tiny itty bitty wood burning stove that is designed to be used on ships.  If any one who is reading this is English – this stove is TWEE!  I WANT one!  And in fact – we’re planning on having one, so Guillaume and Jenna can sleep in peace, not worrying that I’m going to break in and steal theirs.

I think the cats are going to be in heaven – stairs, TONS of windows, Mom & Dad EVERY night, AND a wood burning stove.

Life is good.

Now I’m off to torture kittens.

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3 thoughts on “2nd Day – 2nd Tiny House – Thank Heavens!

  1. Andrea & Mike

    I think the cats need a composting toilet. One of our kitts (I won’t name names) does such a smelly business that I think would methane-explode a tiny house.
    Mike knew right away what a B.A.T. was – I didn’t!


  2. abbykato

    That model is quite nice looking. Love the dormer windows. I had looked at the picture of the wood burning stove before I read the blog; at first glance, I thought it was a coffee maker! That really is tiny – but very cute.


  3. Shelli B

    No more recent developments?


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