Still Alive! And Looking for Ideas!


I am SO sorry that I started the blog with all kinds of energy and ideas and then fell off the map.  I kept waiting for life to be less crazy and I may finally have acknowledged that that is a crazy idea.  🙂

We’re still waiting for our house to sell – can’t do a whole lot until then – but one of the things I CAN do – is ask for ideas.  And addresses.  Since we’re planning on travelling for at least a year, we’d LOVE to have ideas on where to go!  Here’s your chance to tell us about your favourite:



Thrift Stores


Public Art



National Parks


And anything else you think would be something Mark & I might love.  I’d also really like to get YOUR addresses to have on hand (you can privately message those to me!)  And do you have the room to have us park next to your house/in your driveway for a day or a couple?  As far as I know if we could get plugged in and a hose attached to us, we’d be pretty darned happy.  And maybe the ability to do some laundry 🙂  Please don’t presume I have your address (unless it’s Kris, I DO know yours!).

I’m sure I’ll think of some other ideas of places we’d like to see/visit – just keep in mind money WILL be an issue.  So, for example, if there’s a museum that’s totally cool but has a free day or reduced admission – let me know!

AND – keep in mind – that we’ll have an oven – so if you know we’ll be going near you at a certain time – feel free to order off my dessert menu!  I think I may be adding to that in the near future as well….

So.  I promise to get you all up to date on what has happened since I posted last, and I look forward to hearing all your suggestions on food and art and fabulous places to visit!

The photo by the way – Mark & I have a love affair with kitsch.  That was in a thrift store.  Somewhere.  Mark would know.

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5 thoughts on “Still Alive! And Looking for Ideas!

  1. Jeanne Modesitt

    Ashland, Oregon, is one of our favorite spots to visit. Free concerts in the park, art galleries galore, and a beautiful old library. We also love Santa Barbara, California. The art museums there don’t have an entry fee, and the paintings and sculptures are breathtaking.
    We also love Paris, France, but methinks the tiny house will be unable to fly.😊


  2. jschiffe

    Big Bend National Park in West Texas!


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  3. Andrea

    Boonville! And anything Mendocino. Silver Falls State Park in Oregon where you can walk behind several waterfalls. Any redwood forest national/state park! Driving from coast to coast, we really liked Iowa City, it somehow had a good vibe, with some nice independent coffee shops.
    White Sands in New Mexico.
    And on our list as well, Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Modern Love restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska
    Paws – Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary is outstanding. Love seeing the elephants splashing around in their ponds and roaming their vast acres of land. The tigers have giant cat toys. A lovely place in a lovely wine country
    There’s so much to see…but you can cross Pahrump off the list, ha! Although you probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding parking for the tiny home there.


  4. Beverly Beck

    Once your tiny house grows wings, be certain to visit us in Australia. Lots of parking and you’re welcome to use our guest room, laundry, etc.


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