It’s Really Happening!!!


You’re looking at our new house.


A quick catch-up for any one who hasn’t been avidly following our lives – Mark & I decided to have a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW for future reference) built, and load up the cats, our essential items, and take off and travel around the US for a year or so. We sold our house in Kanab, UT and moved to a 1 bedroom apt. in North Portland for a year. We figured that would give us time to choose the builder, have it built, further winnow down our stuff, etc.

We got the builder of our dreams – his website is – and planned on taking off in May. Except that things happened, and our house wasn’t (isn’t) ready. We were INSANELY fortunate that two of our dearest friends said we could stay with them, so we’ve been in Fall City, WA since then.

A couple of weeks ago we went down (over? across?) to Olympia to meet with Zyl, and cement some things into place (where did we want the door? Colour of the roof?) etc.

And there, to one side, she lay. The basis of our new home. Right now, I’m pretty sure we’re batshit crazy.

But that’s nothing new, is it?

So – I WILL be keeping this blog up and running this time, because there is going to be stuff to blog about! More, super soon!

Purrs & Hugs,


Addendum by Mark:

The completed House in the photo is one of Zyl’s and while a cool design, is not what ours will be.  Ours is based on the Ampersand, with customization.   Our house base is the black trailer in the foreground.  (Specs are it’s 22 feet, and can have up to 12,000 pounds of load.  House is currently spec’d at 9,000 empty.)


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25 thoughts on “It’s Really Happening!!!

  1. Cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie

    I can’t wait to see it once it’s built! Everything he does is gorgeous.


  3. Valerie Garrett



  4. Joni

    Love the design, it is uniquely you guys. Not just some random rectangle that looks like any other regular house. Can’t wait to see pics of the inside!!


  5. Beverly Beck

    Amazing. I wish you all the luck in the world.


  6. Love the design!


  7. Gloria Bogardus

    So exciting! Can’t wait to read more….


  8. Lynn

    I am so excited for you.


  9. Becky Dixon

    Best of luck guys! Looking forward to following your travels and adventures.


  10. Joanne Abrahamian

    This has been many years in the making so it will be most excellent when it comes to fruition. I’m excited to see the finished product and how the cats react to it. I have a friend who had a teardrop trailer custom built in Minnesota and he has documented the design and building process on You Tube in addition to travel adventures with all of his equipment and he actually gets paid when enough people view his videos.


  11. Kay

    Can’t wait to read all about the adventures.


  12. Patricia DeWald

    Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing how this develops and becomes your “house on wheels”.


  13. Cyndi Pearce

    Excited for you all!


  14. Sheila Smith

    It’s going to be wonderful to follow your and Mark’s travels and life in a THOW!


  15. Ain’t nothin’ like freedom. Keep us posted, though.


  16. Gloria Hill

    Glad to hear that plans are still progressing! House is too cute! Hope you’re both well. I’m excited to start hearing about your adventures!


  17. Jennifer Hayes

    Looking forward to when the THOW is complete and you’re on the road visiting me in Austin!


  18. You will never go unnoticed.


  19. Kathi McGee

    Cool house!!!


  20. Lore Parker

    Thanks for including us in your new adventure of life style.It will be fun to read and watch your blog with development of your new “house” and see where you travel with it.

    Aunt Lore & Charlie


  21. Michelle Bzdewka

    Wow, great to hear from you guys! Can’t wait to see more photos and hear more about your journey. Keep the posts coming!


  22. Barbara

    Looking forward! Love to you guys.


  23. Kris Johnson

    Cannot wait to the finished product


  24. Joanne Frank

    So exciting…your dreams will be coming true shortly. Looking forward to following your next adventure!


  25. OMG, you two!! So awesome – it’s like your own little Hobbit cottage. Living the dream – so happy for you!!!


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