A Little Bit About the House-to-be…


The photo is of a Kimberly Stove – which is what we’ll have for heat and to some extent, de-humidifying the house. They’re wood burning stoves that were originally designed for ships. They are super efficient, and do something called a second burn, which means there is virtually no pollution.

The house will be 22 feet long, 8 foot something wide, and 13 foot something high. The width and height have to be street legal, and 22 feet long seemed plenty to be hauling!

Obviously our house will be made of wood, primarily cedar. Our California King sized bed will be up in a loft (well, it will pretty much BE the loft! As Mark says – one of the joys of being married to a mutant). We will have stairs, because when I have to pee at 3:00 in the morning, I would kill myself with a ladder. PLUS, the cats need to be able to come sleep with us! Oh, and the cat box is being built into a spot under the stairs,

The bathroom will have a hot-water on demand system for the shower, and we’ll be using a Nature’s Head composting toilet. We’ll have more on that later – but suffice it to say I was NOT enthused initially, but have since come on board. And NO, they do NOT smell if used and maintained properly. There will be a pocket door for the bathroom to save space.

The kitchen will have a fridge/freezer – not the size in most homes, but bigger than a dorm size. We’ll have a stove/oven – the slightly narrow style, but still able to get a cookie sheet in the oven. Several cookie sheets. 🙂 Farmhouse sink, and the counter tops will be butcher board.

We’ll have a sofa that can be configured into a guest bed for two, and a dining room table that expands.

Lots of windows, an A/C unit, and a little shed on the tongue of the trailer for the batteries (we will be solar capable) and propane.

Oh, and the roof will be metal, and will look copper (sparkly!) but won’t be.

Whaddya think?


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7 thoughts on “A Little Bit About the House-to-be…

  1. Leslie

    It sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see it.


  2. I am so envious! Sounds just wonderful, very excited for you both & the kitties. Debby


  3. Michelle Bzdewka

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to see it.


  4. Anne

    Sounds wonderful… like others I’m looking forward to seeing drawings/pictures as things progress >^.,.^<


  5. Jay C. Langdon

    This is so wonderful. I have loved the tiny hous concept for years, even recommended it to our kids for college. Your stove looks amazing. I look forward to following your build journey and hope that you will share your lessons learned as well as your successes – for those of us that year to do what you are doing. Can I ask where did you get your trailer/foundation from?


  6. Gloria Bogardus

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product!


  7. Kris Johnson

    Definately an adventure. an’t wait to see it it sounds pretty amazing. Love the idea of butcher block in kitchen area.


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