Getting There….


Ampersand dimensioned floorplanThat may not be the most exciting ‘photo’ ever , but it’s pretty exciting to us!

We had a total scare recently – Abel’s office assistant emailed us in regards to a question we had about the stove, saying we’d not communicated that we wanted one, and basically suggesting a toaster oven type thing.

I had a complete panic attack, because while I can totally work with an ‘apartment sized’ stove/oven, I CANNOT live with a toaster oven in place thereof.  Well, technically I COULD live without, but when you’re designing your home, you put in what’s super important to YOU,right? Which for me is – Stove/oven, running water, toilet, shower, bed, a way of having guests, heat, A/C, and a place for the cats potty box. Not necessarily in that order.

It turns out what happened was this. And bear with me, I don’t know technical terminology for some of this. On the trailer where the wheels are, the metal curves over them. Rather than have the floor flush with the top of the curve, they designed it so that the floor is flush with the bottom of the curve, in order to get an extra 5″ of height. But when the floorplan was put into virtual 3D, the curved bit was under where we’d elected to have the stove/oven and it kicked it out of the design. So, when Mark & I were going down to Portland last week, we stopped in Olympia to meet with Abel and get that fixed. The stove/oven is BACK in the game plan, and on the end of the ‘kitchen’ area nearest the wood burning stove.


And you all know what that means? It means that as we’re travelling about, when we’re in your neck of the woods you can place orders for baked goods! Delivered right to your door!

Out of curiosity – what would be different on your own list of Must Haves in a custom home?


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2 thoughts on “Getting There….

  1. 3000 square feet.


  2. Shirley Sattler-Phipps

    I require in addition to your list: closet space for clothing, table & chairs for eating, chairs for relaxing, ample windows for light and view…hmmm, thinking…


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