Guess the Bathroom Floor Colour!

IMG_2242-1progressAbel sent this photo to Mark & I in the last week – it’s so exciting! Progress is being made!

Almost more exciting, at least to me, is that we got to choose the colour for the bathroom floor! (and yes, I’m aware I spell colour with a ‘u’. I learned to spell colour and honour etc. from my Mom, who went to school in Canada. Allegedly.) (If you know me well, you’ll get that joke.)

Mark left the decision to me, he has liked all the colour choices I’ve made in the past.

So! Here’s the selection of colours. The only additional info I’m giving you is – the bathroom sink is a lovely cherry red.

The winner of the contest will get some baked good of mine that they desire.  Either in person if you’re on our route, or mailed to you when it gets cooler.

Ready, set – GUESS!

Much luck!

Purrs, Jenn


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18 thoughts on “Guess the Bathroom Floor Colour!

  1. Basil green.


  2. Caribbean blue!


  3. Michelle Bzdewka

    Okay, if I choose by name, I would say the “Bodacious Blue.” Otherwise, Classics Blue Gray.


  4. Lauri

    My guess is Shocking #57514. I’m not sure you even like pink, but it sounds like it would go well with a cherry red sink. Adds some vibrancy to the room. 🙂


  5. bew10

    Bikini blue?


  6. Carrie Fa



  7. Carrie Fagerstrom

    I would like to change my guess to Shocking, now that I found the ‘see all’ button. Pretty please?


  8. Leslie

    I’m going with “shocking.”


  9. Kay

    Blue Berry 🙂


  10. Carmen



  11. Black.


  12. Kelley

    Colorado stone


  13. Joni Parker

    Classics blue grey


  14. Becky Dixon

    Bodacious Blue! Of course!


  15. bew10

    kickin kiwi


  16. Joni Parker

    How about sea green or little green apple? I like Madagascar cinnamon too, but I may just be hungry!


  17. Mark

    People seem to be working the beginning of the alphabet, so I’ll make a contrarian pick and go with the last color listed–Willow Green.


  18. bew10

    Vicious Violet


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