This is a Photo Looking UP

zyl_20170905_2809_lrMark snuck in to make some photos of our house recently, and  I really really really LOVE this one. The curves, the angles, the beauty, To me, this is like looking up in a church. It’s getting real peeps! Scary as shit real.

I thought I’d do a little explanation on names. The name of this blog, Nomadic Lemming, will also be the name of our house. Nomadic is pretty self-explanatory. Lemming, not so much.
Mark kind of earned the nickname Lemming when he sort of drove a vehicle over a cliff. (Do you remember that Disney flick where all the lemmings ran off the edge of a cliff? Supposedly that’s what they did when there were too many of them? Turns out that isn’t true, and they were kind of ‘encouraged’ for the photo shoot). Oh, and Mark was fine by the way,


The other reason Lemming stuck as a sort of nickname also requires a touch of explanation. Do you remember when you could order like 100 pens with your name or a slogan printed on them in fake gold? Mark found one of those order forms and wrote ‘Into each life a lemming must fall’. And for some reason his mom sent away for 100 of these crazy cheap ass pens.

And there we are.


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One thought on “This is a Photo Looking UP

  1. Mike and Chris Fairman

    The ceiling is gorgeous!!!


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