Rafters! But no correct guess yet…


More progress! Yay! Cool curvy rafters!


No one has correctly guessed the bathroom floor colour yet. Would you like some more time? Would brownies, or a cheese cake or some Forgotten Kisses be worth your trying again?

Even if you’ve already guessed – I’m feeling generous – try again with a different colour. 🙂 Not everyone should be pardoned, but you’re all friends and deserve it.

Purrs & Hugs, Jenn



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6 thoughts on “Rafters! But no correct guess yet…

  1. Bikini Blue!


  2. Jerilyn Connell

    After ruling out everything that remotely resembles pink, I’m going with Cafe Latte. And yes, the curvy rafters are very cool indeed!


  3. Buttercream yellow


  4. Bob

    Violet bloom


  5. Leslie

    My second guess is Classic Black.


  6. Michelle Bzdewka

    Trying again. Classics Pewter or Cool White.


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